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    You think nursing is easy?
    Sure, I just slip into my Super Nurse uniform every morning and start saving the day the minute I land at work.

    The real truth is that being a nurse is hard. It takes everything you’ve got: You have to be intelligent, yet compassionate. Highly skilled, yet empathetic. Quick, yet calm under pressure. 

    And the nursing classes — they’re no picnic, that’s for sure. But before you can call yourself a full-fledged nurse, you have to complete a rigorous educational program, spend countless hours training in a clinical setting, and pass tough certification tests.

    But when you complete your training, you’ll be ready. Nursing classes prepare you to work with patients, train you to ask the doctor the right questions, equip you to dress a deep wound after surgery, educate you on how to calculate the correct amount of meds for your patient.  

    And CTU is prepared for you, too. We offer online and mobile-friendly nursing degree options. With CTU nursing programs you could complete your RN to BSN in as little as 9 months or pursue a master’s degree in nursing that offers hands-on training and scholarly research in nurse education and management.

    Nursing provides a hard day’s work. CTU provides a rigorous education. You provide the passion.  
    Combine all three and create your own #NurseTruths.

    Learn about CTU’s nursing programs today




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